Tuesday, January 28, 2020






Sunday School—9:00-10:00am

 Our Nursery Attendant: Annette Davis, is available during Sunday School through the Service.

Fellowship Time and Library Hours—10:00-10:30

Donuts and Coffee –See Erin Raber to check out any books or DVD’s

Sunday Evening—5:30

New series titled "And He Shall Reign" by Alistair Begg


Women’s Prayer meeting 11:00am at FBC office


Men’s Prayer meeting 7:00 am at FBC office


Please Remember:


Praise and Prayer Requests:


—Continue to pray through the prayer calendar of each family or person in our fellowship. The prayer calendars are on the table at the back of the sanctuary. Please remember to pray for the numerous needs in our fellowship. We encourage you to read the updates from all our missionaries posted on the bulletin board in the fellowship hall.


—We have two weekly prayer meetings. Please email us at redeemedhearts@centramedia.net with any requests for these meetings. We love to pray for our church body. We have prayer cards at the back of the sanctuary near the offering box so you can write your prayer requests down and place them in the offering box. Or you may also put any prayer requests or announcements in the church email by contacting Melba Woelfle or email them to faithbiblepampa@gmail.com by noon on Fridays.


Get Involved!


—Volunteers always needed for Children’s Church. Contact Erin Raber.


—Anyone interested in a short term mission trip in the next year or so, contact Worley or Ronna!