Sunday, December 15, 2019

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    Visit Our Church

    205 N. Cuyler
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    Sunday School 9:00 am Fellowship 10:00 -10:30 am Morning Worship 10:30 -12:00 pm Sunday Evening 5:30 pm
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  • Goliath Must Fall

    Goliath Must Fall

    Wednesday Night: Starting October 3rd: 6:30-8:00 (FIRST NIGHT AT THE CHURCH) Goliath Must Fall: Pastor Louie Giglio examines the story of David and Goliath to reveal how we must slay the giants of fear, rejection, complacency, anxiety, anger, and addiction in our lives. The six-session video study shows how the key to living free from our giants is not better slingshot accuracy, but keeping our eyes on the one and only giant-slayer: Jesus. Put your hope in him, and watch Goliath fall. Kick off this study by attending the GOLIATH MUST FALL WORSHIP NIGHT WITH LOUIE GIGLIO IN AMARILLO on September 27th. Read More
  •  Sunday Morning:

    Sunday Morning:

    "One Another" Series

    Worship service starts at 10:30 AM
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Jehovah Rapha - The Lord is who heals you

     When we think of healing we usually think of doctors, hospitals, medicines, or faith healers.  Physical healing.   But emotional and spiritual healing is far more important.  Emotional hurt runs deep and leaves scars that we can't see but we can feel.  If you could run your fingers over the face of your soul you would probably feel a maze of ridges and furrows from painful scars left by cruel remarks from playmates … rejection from a friend … embarrassing moments … painful loss … broken dreams … valleys of despair … Hurt that no medicine can touch.

     The children of Israel lived 400 years in bondage.   They witnessed miraculous deliverance against tremendous odds.   They saw first hand some of God's flashiest work as plague after plague decimated their taskmasters.

     The emotions must have run like an out of control roller coaster -- eager hopes one minute crushing despair the next.  Finally they marched triumphantly out of Egypt only to see the entire army mustered to recapture them!

     Once again God's mighty hand cleared a path where human logic said no path could be. Through watery walls held up by the force of God's breath they escaped once again and turned to see their King wipe all possible chance of capture into the depths of the sea. Freedom at last.   Still, the jagged scars on their souls ran deeper than the scars from the whips on their backs.   The constant despair of slavery had destroyed their confidence.   Despite their incredible deliverance by the Righteous Judge, any little sign of trouble and they panicked and fell back into the old habits of grumbling and complaining.

     Only a few days out from the Red Sea, they got thirsty.   The waters they came to at Meribah were bitter and undrinkable.   Instead of remembering all the Lord had done for them, they freaked out.   Their memory of the wonders they had seen evaporated.   They flunked the test.

     Moses cried out to the Lord and He patiently showed him a branch to throw into the water to make it sweet.

     For our banner we used a dogwood branch - not because that's what Moses used but because it represents the cross of Jesus Christ which is the only thing that can heal our hurts.   When we cast our hurts and pain at the foot of the Cross, the Lord Jesus can and will turn the bitter scars "sweet."   Only Jesus Christ can harness the evil of our sinful lives, and use it for our good and His glory.

     All He asks us to do is cry out to Him for help, confess our sin and our hurts, welcome His forgiveness and healing, and then thank and praise Him for His faithfulness, His grace and His healing.


Popular Features

  • RokSprocket Module
  • Menu System
  • Integrated Extensions
  • Styling

RokSprocket is a powerful and multi-faceted content display extension. It combines many different layout modes, such as Tabs, into one extension. RokSprocket has its own custom built administrative interface, with AJAX support, for easy and efficient control.


Mosaic Mode

Mosaic is a dynamic ajax content display mode, that is perfect for content heavy sites, such as for Magazines.


Tabbed Content

Set RokSprocket to the Tabs layout mode, to display your content within dynamically adjusting tabs.


More Layout Types

Also supported are the headlines, lists, and features layout modes, the latter demoed above.



SplitMenu is a static menu option that displays parents in the header and children in the sidebar.


Small Screen Devices

When a mobile, or equivalent device, with a small screen is detected, the menu becomes a selectbox.


Fusion with MegaMenu

Fusion is a CSS dropdown menu system, enhanced by Mootools, such as its animations and transitions.

Features include multiple columns with individual width / distribution settings, inline icons and subtext, as well as inline modules / module positions. All are configurable on a per item basis.



RokGallery is a powerful gallery extension that is based on a custom-tagging architecture.



A Twitter module, that can display Twitter profile information, as well as username tweets and search strings.



A powerful compression / performance plugin that collates CSS / JS files into single files for faster loading.



A content switchblade extension that has multiple layout modes within one unified control system.


Available Preset Styles

Ten style variations are available, each with individual configuration options for custom preset creation.


Module Variations

There are 10 stylistic module variations, with 25 structural suffixes. The former change the style, the latter the layout.


Content Typography

A wide portfolio of typography is available, such as custom list styles, to help individualize your content.


Image Source Files

Layered Adobe Fireworks PNG Sources are provided to allow for quick and easy customization.